How to Survive a Road Trip with Toddlers

The January after I was fired from my job, our family of four embarked on a road trip to sunny Florida. My best friend of literally 30 years was living there. She and her family were moving to Japan (with her Navy husband) and we wanted to visit them before they took their voyage to the other side of the world. I knew this was something I wanted to do, but it seemed impossible to take such an impromptu, yet budget-friendly trip. We found that the best option for us would be to take a road trip! (more…)

5 Items for Your Next Interview From the Thrift Shop

Preparing for an interview can get expensive, which is hard if you’re not currently working or trying to save your money. It doesn’t have to be though. Last week I took a trip to Goodwill (something I regularly do) and while I was shopping, I was inspired to put together a list of items you can purchase at a thrift store that are useful for your next job interview. I love New York and Company, Macy’s and other fine stores for career clothes, but you can save a lot of money by checking out your local thrift store. (more…)

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