Grab a glass of wine and let’s toast to you finally going after the life that you want ?


I help dedicated moms pursue the life and career that they really want.


The life that may not be super exciting, but one that leaves them feeling happily satisfied. One where they feel organized, prepared and ready to take on motherhood, one adventure at a time.


Not the career that they’re in and secretly hate, not the job that some one else told them was right, not the one that gives them a stress headache every Sunday night when it’s time to prepare for work and not the one that pays well, but is unfulfilling. And it’s quite possible that what you really want, isn’t clear. I will help you figure out a career that would suit you best.
I’m Elisha, wife, mom to 6 year old twins, business owner, substitute teacher,  and grad school student. Welcome to

My Story


After spending 10 years working in Human Resources, a career that I was never in love with, I was forced to face the reality that it was time for a huge change. At the end of 2014, I was fired from my job, 2 days before Xmas. Now, normal people would probably be sad, upset, MAD, but me, it was the biggest relief that I had felt in a while. I wasn’t fired for anything I did “wrong”, (I’ve always produced excellent work as an HR professional, which is one reason why I spent so many years feeling stuck doing something that wasn’t for me) the feeling was actually quite mutual. I wasn’t a good fit for the role (the work bored me to tears and I wasn’t too fond of the culture) and while I was plotting my escape plan my boss saw my unhappiness and let me go.

I don’t think I would have ever quit…


For a while I had been seeking permission to explore a new path in life, but with 2 year old twins, being mid-construction on our new home and all the other responsibilities we had, just quitting seemed incredibly selfish. So, I forced myself out of bed every day to go to a job that I really really hated. The thought of going in physically made me ill. When I was let go, I immediately looked at it as an opportunity to start fresh. That’s when I got my first career coaching client, ME.


It hasn’t been the easiest road, but going down this path has allowed me to help others not make the same mistakes that I have. I spent so much time worrying about making sure everybody else was okay and making sure that life ran smoothly, that I was physically making myself ill trying to force a situation that just wasn’t working. Since leaving my HR career, I’ve been able to do things that I enjoy, like grow this business, return to school, substitute teach on my own schedule, attend every event at the twins’ school, plan fun trips for my family and a ton of DIY projects.


My Careers

My first and most important job is my family. I absolutely love being a wife and mom to these three 🙂 Check out our famiy blog here.


Business Owner! I have been where you are and I can help you find a career that is right for you. In addition to my personal experience, the years that I spent in HR enabled me to know exactly what employers look for in candidates. Helping you present your best self in the job search, through resume writing and interview coaching, is my specialty. Providing affordable inspiration is another part of this business, being able to live the life that you want is attainable and doesn’t have to be expensive. The third aspect of the business is making sure you live a balanced life that is focused on your well-being as a mom.
And while I initially thought I would pursue a career in teaching, substitute teaching showed me that wasn’t quite the right move for me. BUT, I love love substituting. The flexibility and the opportunity to periodically shape the minds of young people is awesome.
As for my last job, grad school student and future school counselor, I figured out a way to marry my love of helping people better themselves and my need to have summers off 🙂 into School Counseling. For the first time in my academic career, I love every assignment I do and I’m anxious to start my work in this field of counseling.


I have 5 jobs ? ?


What’s Next For You?

If you’re ready to take the first step to figuring out what career would make you happy, check out the career coaching services here. The career coaching service will also give you more information about developing a plan to helping you attain your dream job, if you already know what your dream job is. If you’re ready to change jobs like yesterday, the resume writing service would be perfect for you.
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