Three Things to Delete from your Resume Today


The look of your resume is so important. Sometimes it’s even more important than the contents of your resume. I say this because if your resume isn’t pleasing to the eye, a hiring manager or recruiter isn’t going to take a lot of time reading what’s on the resume. One thing that makes resumes look better is white space. There’s a balancing act for this though. You don’t want too much white space (because it’ll look like you don’t have much to offer), but you definitely need it because, if not, everyone that reads it will end up with a headache. One way to increase white space and the overall look of your resume is to eliminate information that doesn’t help the purpose of a resume, which is to show the employer that you can do the job. Below I’ve listed 3 things that you can delete from your resume today, that will give you more space and improve the overall look. read more…

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