No matter what industry you’re in, you should always dress conservatively for your first interview. Once you’ve reached the point of getting an in person interview, you’ve already gone through several levels of the job hunting process. You don’t want to ruin an opportunity, at your potential dream job, because you were dressed inappropriately.

After the initial interview, use your best judgement on how to dress, you may observe that the employer is more relaxed or artistic than a typical employer. However, when in doubt, conservative is best. I’ve listed 4 rules for dressing for an interview below, that will impress any hiring manager or recruiter.

1.       Always wear a suit – ALWAYS! The suit should be navy blue, grey or black

2.       Wear shoes with heels that you can walk in, you never know how far you’ll have to walk once you arrive to the site of your interview – the actual location could be far away from the front door

3.       Leave the purse in your car (or at home) and carry a padfolio instead

4.       Keep your jewelry modest, I’d suggest a string of pearls and simple earrings 

Keep these rules and the culture of the company that you’re interviewing with in mind when deciding on what to wear to your interview. Always remember that the first impression is a lasting impression. 

If you’ve struggled in the past with not receiving offers after interviewing, maybe your attire was the reason you didn’t make it past the initial interview. If you’re not sure, leave a comment below and let me know what the questionable outfit looked like.

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